Posted by Angie | Posted in Chickens | Posted on 16-03-2011

We are embarking on a grand journey today…  trying to incubate our chicken eggs. We have roughly 20 hens and 6 roosters so we thought we would try to save the money from ordering chickens this year. We have borrowed an incubator.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon reading about chicken incubation & watched a couple of YouTube videos. This morning I wiped off 25 eggs and marked them with an “X” on one side and “O” on the other. This afternoon I carefully placed all 25 eggs in the incubator. They are like my babies now. I will be turning the eggs 3 times per day for the next 18 days, and will then leave them alone for the last 3 (as it takes chicken eggs 21 days to incubate). I started a notebook to record every time that I turn them, and of course took pictures. So check back in 21 days to see our new babies (I hope).

Grand Garden Plans


Posted by Andrew J. Moad | Posted in Garden | Posted on 04-03-2011

This will be our first year of real gardening. While we’ve had small gardens in the past, mainly a couple squash and cucumbers. This will be an attempt to provide vegetables not only in the summer, but enough to preserve for the winter. We are all very excited about our favorite vegetables coming straight from our backyard. I found a great garden planning resource online & have had so much fun plotting out everything. Take a look.





Truly Free Range


Posted by Andrew J. Moad | Posted in Chickens | Posted on 02-03-2011

Even in the middle of winter.

Truly free range, even in the middle of winter!