Posted by Angie | Posted in Chickens | Posted on 16-03-2011

We are embarking on a grand journey today…  trying to incubate our chicken eggs. We have roughly 20 hens and 6 roosters so we thought we would try to save the money from ordering chickens this year. We have borrowed an incubator.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon reading about chicken incubation & watched a couple of YouTube videos. This morning I wiped off 25 eggs and marked them with an “X” on one side and “O” on the other. This afternoon I carefully placed all 25 eggs in the incubator. They are like my babies now. I will be turning the eggs 3 times per day for the next 18 days, and will then leave them alone for the last 3 (as it takes chicken eggs 21 days to incubate). I started a notebook to record every time that I turn them, and of course took pictures. So check back in 21 days to see our new babies (I hope).

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