Chicks have hatched


Posted by Angie | Posted in Chickens | Posted on 11-04-2011

This post is slightly delayed due to Internet issues, but we will soon have that resolved and will be attempting to post daily.


After only 20 days of incubating, our first chicks arrived on Tuesday April 5, 2011- one day early. We were upstairs working and suddenly started hearing some faint cheeping noises. I hadn’t turned the eggs since Sunday so I had no idea what they looked like, and since this was my first time incubating I wasn’t even sure if I’d have any luck. The kids and I peeked in the incubator and sure enough there were 2 little chicks in there. We quickly closed the lid so that they could stay warm, but that was a truly exciting moment.


We ended up with 21 hatching out of the 25 that we incubated. They started hatching that Tuesday morning, and the last one arrived Thursday in the afternoon. Since our hens and roosters are various breeds, our chicks are an assortment of colors and we don’t really know what we’ll end up with. They are staying toasty warm under a heat lamp in the bottom half of a dog kennel (don’t worry, the dog isn’t using it right now). We change their water twice a day, and have been feeding them frequently (their appetite was minimal at first but has now picked up).


They all seem to be doing well, and we’re hoping that we have a good ratio of hens and roosters. Our plan is to keep the hens for laying and the roosters will turn into some tasty meals in a few months.


Here are pictures when they were 1 day and 6 days old:

As you can see they are already getting their wing feathers.


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