What’s going on around here


Posted by Angie | Posted in Spring | Posted on 18-05-2011

Today I’m just excited. No specific topic that I’ve been planning- I was just going to let you know what we have going on.

We have 20 chickens enjoying some free-ranging. Which is wonderful but also, unfortunately, includes leaving droppings right outside the back door, and occasionally sneaking in the house if we leave the door open.

In our moveable chicken pen we have 21 barnyard chicks that were born and raised here at our farm. They are now 6 weeks old.

I have just made arrangements for us to pick up 2 Gloucestershire Old Spot barrows next week. They will be coming here to stay for several months & will then be filling our freezer.

We are also trying to prepare to add a Jersey cow to our farm family in the next month. That involves putting up a fence & barn… the planning is under way.

I have been dreaming of having a farm for the past 4 years. I’m just so excited that things are now happening. I look forward to sharing more details with you in the weeks to come.

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