Pig stories


Posted by Angie | Posted in Pigs | Posted on 01-08-2011

Yet another pig post already. This weekend was full of pig problems. On Saturday afternoon Piglet developed purple ears and a swollen purple snout. I was googling “purple ears” and trying to find out something from my Storey’s guide, but had no luck. I was worried we may have to call the vet today. However, he started getting better yesterday. We think that he must have gotten dehydrated (they’re always knocking over their water).

Yesterday we arrived home from church a little earlier than normal because we knew the pigs would need water. There was only 1 pig inside the pen. One? There should be 2 right? After some uh-ohs and general looks around, we changed clothes & called Nana & Papaw to come help.

Fortunately we looked for less than an hour before we found him in the corn field. I was able to entertain him with feed until the Hubby arrived and tackled him. He carried the back feet & Nana & I carried the front feet. We determined he has to be weighing in at around 100 lbs. now. The heat index had to have been over a 100 degrees. We were all HOT! Including Rusty the pig who needed several minutes of hosing off before standing again. We put him in a more secure pin & are praying that never happens again. God is good!