Our diet changes


Posted by Angie | Posted in Family, Food | Posted on 21-05-2012

I decided that on May 8 we would transition to a Paleo diet cold turkey. It went okay for about a week, and then we started going downhill. We are still eating fairly well, but we’ve cheated several times. I think that for us it will be easier to make the change slowly. For now I’m going to concentrate on cutting out the gluten. We will still have plenty to choose from, although I won’t be buying any of those gluten-free ┬ábaking mixes or treats. I will still try to make treats from scratch. So that’s the plan for now. I figure that by getting all stressed out about our diet I’m doing myself more harm than good. I’m responsible for feeding 6 people and I need to take their needs and wants into consideration when I make these huge changes to our diet. I’m still reading a lot of paleo blogs and books, ┬ájust trying to understand more about the diet and keep myself motivated. Now, if I can just find an exercise plan that would work for me…

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