2015 Seed Order


Posted by Angie | Posted in Garden | Posted on 19-02-2015

This morning a local tree service brought us a load of wood chips

IMG_2204 3







And four nice size oak logs.

IMG_2209 3







Although it is still cold outside, and there is snow on the ground, I am so excited to get our garden started this year. I’m looking forward to getting my hands in the dirt and having the children out there helping me, enjoying the fresh air and warm weather. I’m a hopeless romantic about gardening this time of year.

IMG_2210 3

All of our seeds were ordered from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. It’s a wonderful family owned and operated seed company based here in the midwest. I placed our order on January 30 and they arrived on Feb. 5. Their $3.50 shipping rate is very reasonable.

Here is the list:

bean-landreth-stringless Landreth Stringless Bush Beans


Bean-HendersonsHenderson’s Bush Lima Beans


Beet-Golden-Beet-BT102-DSC058101 Golden Beets


Purple-Sprouting-Broccoli-web Early Purple Sprouting Broccoli


ca104 Giant of Naples Cauliflower


brussels-sprouts-long-is Long Island Improved Brussels Sprouts


cabbage-glory-of-enkhuizen Glory of Enkhuizen Cabbage


carrot-cosmic-purple Cosmic Purple Carrot


Carrot-Amarillo-CR114-web Amarillo Carrot


carrot-danvers-126 Danvers 126 Half-long Carrot


Corn-Dakota-Black-Popcorn Dakota Black Popcorn


a689ed1df166451998b7a5b7441d354b1 Golden Bantam 12-row Corn (2)


Cucumber-Boston-Pickling Boston Pickling Cucumber


Oriental-Greens-Cabbage-HILTON-Chinese-Cabbage-Hilton04407 Hilton Chinese Cabbage


salad-mix-rocky-top-w-red-wing-mix-IMG_3907 Rocky Top Lettuce Salad Mix (2)


Root-Crops-Kohlrabi-Early-Purple-Vienna Early Purple Vienna Kohlrabi


Kale-Red-Russian Russian Red or Ragged Jack Kale


blue-curl-scotch-kale Blue Curled Scotch Kale (2)


LT106_01 Big Boston Lettuce (2)


Leek-Autumn-Giant Autumn Giant Leek


Iceberg-lettuce-web Iceberg Lettuce


Onion-Augusta-ON132-webAugusta Onion


Onion-Stuttgarter-ON116-DSC06302 Stuttgarter Onion


Pea-Garden-Little-Marvel-GP102-DSC_2601 Little Marvel Garden Pea (2)


Anaheim-Pepper-103-web Anaheim Pepper


rd140 Jutrzenka Radish


GIANT-NOBLE-Spinach-web Giant Noble Spinach (2)


Vulcan-Swiss-Chard-web Vulcan Swiss Chard (2)


Pearly-Pink-Tomato-web Pearly Pink Tomato (cherry)


San-Marzano-Lungo-Tomato-web San Marzano Lungo No 2 Tomato (paste) (2)


Turnip-Purple-Top-White-Globe-TN103--DSC04283 Purple Top White Globe Turnip


Orange-Glo-watermelon-web Orangeglo Watermelon


Herb-Basil-Genovese-HB101-20140605_0058 Genovese Basil


Herb-German-Chamomile-LSS-0864 German Chamomile


Cilantro-DSC04192 Cilantro


Fotolia_65803883_Subscription_Monthly_M Cumin


Dill-Bouquet-Herb-HB126-web Dill Bouquet


Echinacea-Purpurea-Herb-HB119-web Echinacea Purpurea


Fotolia_42674063_Subscription_Monthly_M Lavender


Herb-Lemon-Grass-HB162-DSC06224 Lemongrass


Marsh-Mallow-Herb-HB190 Marsh Mallow


Herb-Oregano-Vulgare-HB131-DSC06111 Oregano Vulgare


herb-rosemary Rosemary


Sage-Broad-Leaf-Herb-web-HB147 Broad Leaf Sage


Herbs-Spearmint-HB199-web Spearmint


Eggplant-Antigiua-EG189-web Antigua Eggplant


Giants-of-California-Mix-Asters-flowers-web Asters- Giant of California


Pink-Surprise-Calendula-Flowers-web Calendula- Pink Surprise


Unwins-Mix-Dahlia-flowers-web-fl300 Dahlia- Unwins Mix


Apricot-Beauty-Foxglove-flowers-web-fl340 Foxglove- Apricot Beauty


Dwarf-Queeny-Mixed-Hollyhock-flowers-web-fl429 Hollyhock- Dwarf Queeny Mix


Henry-Wilde-Sunflower-flowers-web-fl745 Sunflower- Henry Wilde


Illumination-Zinnia-Flower-fl808- Zinnia- Illumination


Blue Lake Bush 274 Bean 1/2 lb.

Wade’s Giant Indian Flint Corn

Alabama Red Okra

And we ordered these plants from the same company for fun:

pl105 Dwarf Everbearing Mulberry


pl110 Edible Ginger Root


Total Cost was $181.25