Goat Update and 2017 Seed Order


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Exciting news… We sold all 4 of our baby goats this year! This is our first time selling livestock and we’re very pleased that it went so well! They will start going to their new homes this Sat. (3/18/17). I’m happy that we found good homes for them.

Now, moving onto our garden. I purchased our 2017 seeds from Fedco again. We ordered from there last year and were pretty pleased with what we received.

Here is a list of what we ordered for 2017…
Provider Bush Green Bean
Sugar Ann Snap Peas
Golden Gopher Muskmelons
National Pickling Cucumbers
Black Zucchini
Saffron Yellow Summer Squash
Eastern Rise Buttercup Winter Squash
Blue Hubbard Winter Squash
Luffa Gourds
Red Core Chantey Carrots
Detroit Dark Red Short Top Beets
French Breakfast Summer Radishes
Speckled Amish Bibb Lettuce
Solstice Broccoli
Golden Acre Cabbages
Snow Crown Cauliflowers
Peacework Sweet Peppers
Early Jalapeño Hot Peppers
Cherokee Purple Tomatoes
Amish Paste Tomatoes
Genovese Basil
Santo Cilantro
Common Mint

We also have seeds of various kinds left over from previous years that we’ll be using. I’ve kept them in the deep freezer so hopefully they will still be viable.

Now I need to sit down and plan out our garden plots, and get seeds started. So much to be done at this time of the year!

2015 Seed Order


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This morning a local tree service brought us a load of wood chips

IMG_2204 3







And four nice size oak logs.

IMG_2209 3







Although it is still cold outside, and there is snow on the ground, I am so excited to get our garden started this year. I’m looking forward to getting my hands in the dirt and having the children out there helping me, enjoying the fresh air and warm weather. I’m a hopeless romantic about gardening this time of year.

IMG_2210 3

All of our seeds were ordered from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. It’s a wonderful family owned and operated seed company based here in the midwest. I placed our order on January 30 and they arrived on Feb. 5. Their $3.50 shipping rate is very reasonable.

Here is the list:

bean-landreth-stringless Landreth Stringless Bush Beans


Bean-HendersonsHenderson’s Bush Lima Beans


Beet-Golden-Beet-BT102-DSC058101 Golden Beets


Purple-Sprouting-Broccoli-web Early Purple Sprouting Broccoli


ca104 Giant of Naples Cauliflower


brussels-sprouts-long-is Long Island Improved Brussels Sprouts


cabbage-glory-of-enkhuizen Glory of Enkhuizen Cabbage


carrot-cosmic-purple Cosmic Purple Carrot


Carrot-Amarillo-CR114-web Amarillo Carrot


carrot-danvers-126 Danvers 126 Half-long Carrot


Corn-Dakota-Black-Popcorn Dakota Black Popcorn


a689ed1df166451998b7a5b7441d354b1 Golden Bantam 12-row Corn (2)


Cucumber-Boston-Pickling Boston Pickling Cucumber


Oriental-Greens-Cabbage-HILTON-Chinese-Cabbage-Hilton04407 Hilton Chinese Cabbage


salad-mix-rocky-top-w-red-wing-mix-IMG_3907 Rocky Top Lettuce Salad Mix (2)


Root-Crops-Kohlrabi-Early-Purple-Vienna Early Purple Vienna Kohlrabi


Kale-Red-Russian Russian Red or Ragged Jack Kale


blue-curl-scotch-kale Blue Curled Scotch Kale (2)


LT106_01 Big Boston Lettuce (2)


Leek-Autumn-Giant Autumn Giant Leek


Iceberg-lettuce-web Iceberg Lettuce


Onion-Augusta-ON132-webAugusta Onion


Onion-Stuttgarter-ON116-DSC06302 Stuttgarter Onion


Pea-Garden-Little-Marvel-GP102-DSC_2601 Little Marvel Garden Pea (2)


Anaheim-Pepper-103-web Anaheim Pepper


rd140 Jutrzenka Radish


GIANT-NOBLE-Spinach-web Giant Noble Spinach (2)


Vulcan-Swiss-Chard-web Vulcan Swiss Chard (2)


Pearly-Pink-Tomato-web Pearly Pink Tomato (cherry)


San-Marzano-Lungo-Tomato-web San Marzano Lungo No 2 Tomato (paste) (2)


Turnip-Purple-Top-White-Globe-TN103--DSC04283 Purple Top White Globe Turnip


Orange-Glo-watermelon-web Orangeglo Watermelon


Herb-Basil-Genovese-HB101-20140605_0058 Genovese Basil


Herb-German-Chamomile-LSS-0864 German Chamomile


Cilantro-DSC04192 Cilantro


Fotolia_65803883_Subscription_Monthly_M Cumin


Dill-Bouquet-Herb-HB126-web Dill Bouquet


Echinacea-Purpurea-Herb-HB119-web Echinacea Purpurea


Fotolia_42674063_Subscription_Monthly_M Lavender


Herb-Lemon-Grass-HB162-DSC06224 Lemongrass


Marsh-Mallow-Herb-HB190 Marsh Mallow


Herb-Oregano-Vulgare-HB131-DSC06111 Oregano Vulgare


herb-rosemary Rosemary


Sage-Broad-Leaf-Herb-web-HB147 Broad Leaf Sage


Herbs-Spearmint-HB199-web Spearmint


Eggplant-Antigiua-EG189-web Antigua Eggplant


Giants-of-California-Mix-Asters-flowers-web Asters- Giant of California


Pink-Surprise-Calendula-Flowers-web Calendula- Pink Surprise


Unwins-Mix-Dahlia-flowers-web-fl300 Dahlia- Unwins Mix


Apricot-Beauty-Foxglove-flowers-web-fl340 Foxglove- Apricot Beauty


Dwarf-Queeny-Mixed-Hollyhock-flowers-web-fl429 Hollyhock- Dwarf Queeny Mix


Henry-Wilde-Sunflower-flowers-web-fl745 Sunflower- Henry Wilde


Illumination-Zinnia-Flower-fl808- Zinnia- Illumination


Blue Lake Bush 274 Bean 1/2 lb.

Wade’s Giant Indian Flint Corn

Alabama Red Okra

And we ordered these plants from the same company for fun:

pl105 Dwarf Everbearing Mulberry


pl110 Edible Ginger Root


Total Cost was $181.25


Spring Days


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We have stayed pretty busy around here. There were some trips that happened. Most notably we enjoyed a weekend at Patoka Lake to celebrate Alex’s birthday with some of the family. We stayed in a cozy little cabin for 2 nights,  rode a train on the scenic railway in French Lick, and went for a tour of Marengo Cave. The kids got to enjoy some quality time with their cousins, and everyone had fun!

The chickens are growing like weeds. It’s amazing how quickly they change. I keep trying to discern who’s a rooster and who’s a hen. I’ve determined that we have at least 1 rooster (out of 50). Unfortunately we’ve lost a few older chickens to the neighborhood fox. The chickens will fly over the fence very early in the morning, when the sun is still rising, and the little vixen will grab them. It’s been frustrating to keep finding random piles of feathers. When we catch her out in the yard we quickly run out there to chase her off.

We finally got our garden started over the weekend. Twenty-three tomato plants. That’s quite a few for a family that doesn’t much care for tomatoes. Lord willing, there will be lots of sauces and salsas. Around 10 pepper plants of various varieties, 4 yellow squash plants,  4 melon plants, 2 rows of sweet corn, and 1 row of popcorn. I still want to get in green beans, cucumbers, and more melons. I have so many seeds to plant , but I’ve reached the point in my pregnancy when I do have some limitations, mostly exhaustion, and I know it will only get worse in the upcoming months. Andy has actually done most of the work, and I’m so grateful for that!

That’s about it. On Thurs. I will post a pregnancy update, and I plan on posting an update on our switch to a lacto-paleo diet in the upcoming week. Hopefully I will also get better at photographing happenings around here and getting those posted on the blog. Lots of goals as I figure out how to juggle everything, and learn how to use WordPress.

2012 Plans for the Farm


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Our 2012 plans are a bit different than they were in 2011. I had huge plans last year. They included chickens, pigs, turkeys, guineas, bees, & a dairy cow. Some of those came to fruition & some did not.

This year we’re going to take it easy. Our chickens from last year total about 15. Around 10 of those are 2 years old so in the fall they will serve as our stew chickens for the winter. It will be hard to part with them, as I know each one of them, but such is the life on a farm. The other 5 will stay around another year. We still have 1 guinea hen, who at this point is just a noisy pet (although she does give us 1 small egg per day). Four turkeys remain, 2 hens & 2 toms. They’ll stick around for now. I unsuccessfully tried to incubate around 20 eggs. Not a 1 was fertilized. I do believe that 1 of the toms will grace our Thanksgiving table this November. We also have the 51 Araucana & Silver-Laced Wyandotte chicks. All of the cocks will feed our bellies this winter, & the hens will start producing eggs around August.

We are considering not raising pigs this year. Partly because I haven’t heard back from my Gloucestershire Old Spot source, & partly because we’re thinking of investing the money in some other areas. We still don’t have a fence or barn, & we would really like to get those things taken care of so that we can add a dairy cow to the mix. Our freezer will be pretty full of meat after next week (more on that to come) so we should be okay skipping the pigs this year, & possibly finding a local source for bacon & sausage after ours runs out. I can’t survive without those!

Lord willing, we will also be planting a fairly large garden to provide all of our summer vegetables, & hopefully will be able to preserve some also. We just need someone to come do some tilling for us. Although the gardening will be tough with my ever expanding belly, & a little one due at just the time when I need to be canning all those tomatoes! If it’s meant to be then the Lord will help me find a way.

Our honeybees died over the winter. I’m hoping that Alex & I can take a beekeeping course next spring & then we can add those back into the mix. I was just too scared of them last year.

So, that’s it. Much smaller plans but maybe much more doable. I’m still very excited about all that we have going on here, & everything that we have to look forward to!

Garden Seeds


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I am so excited about gardening this year! I’m not sure what I’ll be able to get done since we’re expecting a little one in August or September, but right now I am ready to start planting some seeds. Even though I have lots of seeds from years past I still ordered a good amount this year. All of my seeds have been purchased from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. To help me stay more organized I am making a list of all of the seeds that I have on hand, and I’ve alphabetized my stash.

  • Beans: Purple, Dragon Tongue, Blue Lake
  • Beets: Choiggia, Bull’s Blood, Detroit Dark Red
  • Broccoli: Romanesco Italia, Waltham
  • Cabbage: Brunswick
  • Carrots: Parisienne, Little Finger, Amarillo, Danvers
  • Cauliflower: Snowball, Giant of Naples
  • Corn: Country Gentleman (Sweet), Dakota Black (Pop), Pencil Cob (Dent), Rainbow Inca (Sweet)
  • Cucumbers: Long Anglais, Lemon, Parisian Pickling, Mexican Sour Gherkin, Japanese Long, Snow’s Pickling
  • Kale: Ornamental Fringed, Russian Red
  • Lettuce: Arugula, Romaine, Little Gem
  • Melon: Moon & Stars, Tigger, Anne Arundel, Wilson Sweet
  • Okra: Harlow’s Homestead, Burgundy
  • Onions: Leeks, Jaune Paille des Vertus
  • Peas: Lincoln, Blue Podded, Laxton’s Progress, Little Marvel
  • Radish: Pink Beauty
  • Spinach
  • Squash: Rouge Vif D’Etampes (Winter), Buttercup (Winter), Straightneck (Summer), Lady Godiva (Winter), Early Golden (Summer), Striata D’Italia (Summer), Acorn (Winter), Pie Pumpkin (Winter), Pumpkin Mix (Ornamental)
  • Swiss Chard: Flamingo Pick, Five Color
  • Tomato: Amish Paste, Chadwick Cherry, Creme Brulee
  • Turnip

Lots & lots of seeds. Hopefully we’ll have our garden tilled soon and we can start putting some of these seeds in the ground. Our garden will be placed where our chickens have been the past two years. We’re thinking that should be some nice fertile soil!

This Garden of Mine


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This winter, while planning the garden, I was concerned that I may not have the energy or drive needed to have a garden. I was wrong. I just LOVE being out in that garden. It is a lot of work but I find it to be peaceful and rewarding as well.

Two of the little ones enjoy being out there and helping in any way they can. The toddler is a terrific weed puller- and pepper puller (oops that 1 is supposed to stay in the ground). Our oldest son has been very handy at making sure everything is thoroughly watered.

So we will see how this little plot of land does. We didn’t have any manure or compost to help things along. While we’re hoping for a great gardening year we are expecting very little.




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The tiny green leaves have barely broken the surface. Rich black potting soil still sits on the baby leaves like a top hat. So much hope! Gardening offers such great rewards. These basil seeds have only been in that rich soil for a short time and yet I have so many plans for them.

I can already picture myself heading out to the garden, the sun to my back, a basket in one hand to gather the day’s rewards. The plants covered with droplets of water from that afternoon’s rain and the air has that wonderful earthy and clean scent from a fresh fallen shower. Oh the possibilities once I return to the house. Will it be pesto and homemade egg noodles? How about tomato sauce with that fresh basil and some garlic atop ricotta stuffed ravioli? Or better yet slices of vine-ripened tomatoes stacked on top of mozzarella freshly made that morning and sprinkled with basil? The tomatoes are currently nestled snuggly in the windowsill next door to the basil. My mouth is salivating just thinking of these yummy creations.

While a kind family member came and tilled our garden last week I have yet to plant anything outside. Our weather has been anything but ideal. I fear that if I put something in the ground now it would just rot or wash away with the inches of rain that we’ve received. The weeds are trying to stake their claim on that freshly tilled earth, but I will be out there soon, garden hoe in hand to wage war on those weeds and make a happy home for all of my lovely vegetables.


Grand Garden Plans


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This will be our first year of real gardening. While we’ve had small gardens in the past, mainly a couple squash and cucumbers. This will be an attempt to provide vegetables not only in the summer, but enough to preserve for the winter. We are all very excited about our favorite vegetables coming straight from our backyard. I found a great garden planning resource online & have had so much fun plotting out everything. Take a look.