2012-13 Homeschool Plans


Posted by Angie | Posted in Family, Homeschool | Posted on 25-09-2012

Due to the addition to our family we are getting a late start on school this year. My plan is to start next week, and we’re going to begin slowly. Math and grammar will be our initial focus for the oldest child (second grade), and then we’ll slowly add in other subjects as I feel we can handle them.

Second Grader

We are still using Saxon Math 2, and are on Lesson 61. There are 132 lessons in the book so that means that we have 71 lessons left which is a little over 14 weeks of lessons. That will take us to around the end of January. Then we will start Saxon 3.

For grammar we are using Shurley English level 1, and we’ll be starting back-up with chapter 12 lesson 1. There are 28 chapters, each with 5 lessons. So with 16 chapters left that will take us to the beginning of February, and then we will start Shurley level 2.

Our bible studies will include all 5 children. We will be using the Veritas bible cards for Genesis through Joshua; The Westminster Shorter Catechism Songs (some of the children will still be working on the Children’s Catechism); Greenleaf Guide to OT History; Journey Through the Bible; & the Student Bible Atlas.

We will be using the Veritas Press Old Testament and Ancient Egypt History Series at home for History. This will include the flashcards and all that comes with them, The Ancient Egyptians, A Child’s History of the World, & The Kingfisher Atlas of the Ancient World. I’m not very familiar with this series but I understand that the bible flash cards go along with the history flash cards to teach the children (& myself) the chronological order of biblical & historical events. I will have all of the children participate in this as well.

For Latin we will be continuing in the Song School Latin book and adding in Prima Latina.

Literature will include all of the second level 2 & 3 books out of the Veritas catalogue. Some of them will be read by my son, & some I will use for our read aloud time. We’re going to start out with the Adventures of the Northwoods Series. I’m hoping that most of these books will be available at our local library.

We will be using Excellence in Spelling: The Phonetic Zoo for Linguistics. The price tag is kind of steep on this so I’m hoping that it’s worth it.

If the children are interested in Art we do own the Drawing with Children book. For Music I will try to keep a steady stream of classical music CDs from the library in the house to expose the children to the classical composers. I might also get a few books from the library about various composers. We are also considering teaching our kindergartener piano. I have some piano knowledge but I would like to find someone to teach her.


We own the Rod & Staff kindergarten workbooks so she will continue with those. We’ll also be working on her alphabet recognition, maybe some phonics, and some memorization (scripture, catechism, poems, etc.).


We also own the Rod & Staff 3-4 year old preschool workbooks so the preschooler will be working on those. I think that he’s also ready for alphabet recognition, phonics, and memorization as well. We are thinking about schooling the “kindergartener” and “preschooler” together.  I’ll assess how things go over the next few months before making that determination.

Toddler & Baby

These guys will just be present for some of the lessons & will pick up on things that are interesting to them. I plan on doing lots of read alouds (we’ll be making frequent trips to the library) and we have plenty of educational toys around for them to occupy themselves.

I would like to work on basic skills with all of the children. Things like laundry and cooking skills.