Wood Burning


Posted by Angie | Posted in Homesteading, House, Wood Burning | Posted on 10-03-2014

Wood Burner    We only heat our home with a wood burning stove. I love the independence it affords and the cheaper electric bills. It is a lot more physical work than just turning up the thermostat, but physical work provides exercise and satisfaction from a job well-done. This will be the fourth year of heating this way, and every year around this time we start to wonder how much longer we’ll be burning. I thought this would be a great place to keep record of that.

This has been a particularly harsh winter. We’ve gone through most of our firewood so this summer will be spent harvesting a new supply. Just this week it looks like the weather is going to finally warm up a little. Up until now we’ve only had a handful of days above 60 degrees so we’ve still been burning all day & night. It looks like most of this week we’ll be able to just burn for a short time each day to knock off the chill, but the sun and warm temperatures should warm the house during the day. Praise God!

Master Bathtub Drain


Posted by Andrew J. Moad | Posted in House | Posted on 19-05-2010

Dad and I finally put the master bathtub drain in.  It turned out to be an easy job.  I cut out the plastic sheet and 2″ blue board. Then I had to take out 10 gallons of pea gravel to expose the pipe.  We then installed the trap and glued it all together. Next, I plan to hook this up to the tub.