2012 Plans for the Farm


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Our 2012 plans are a bit different than they were in 2011. I had huge plans last year. They included chickens, pigs, turkeys, guineas, bees, & a dairy cow. Some of those came to fruition & some did not.

This year we’re going to take it easy. Our chickens from last year total about 15. Around 10 of those are 2 years old so in the fall they will serve as our stew chickens for the winter. It will be hard to part with them, as I know each one of them, but such is the life on a farm. The other 5 will stay around another year. We still have 1 guinea hen, who at this point is just a noisy pet (although she does give us 1 small egg per day). Four turkeys remain, 2 hens & 2 toms. They’ll stick around for now. I unsuccessfully tried to incubate around 20 eggs. Not a 1 was fertilized. I do believe that 1 of the toms will grace our Thanksgiving table this November. We also have the 51 Araucana & Silver-Laced Wyandotte chicks. All of the cocks will feed our bellies this winter, & the hens will start producing eggs around August.

We are considering not raising pigs this year. Partly because I haven’t heard back from my Gloucestershire Old Spot source, & partly because we’re thinking of investing the money in some other areas. We still don’t have a fence or barn, & we would really like to get those things taken care of so that we can add a dairy cow to the mix. Our freezer will be pretty full of meat after next week (more on that to come) so we should be okay skipping the pigs this year, & possibly finding a local source for bacon & sausage after ours runs out. I can’t survive without those!

Lord willing, we will also be planting a fairly large garden to provide all of our summer vegetables, & hopefully will be able to preserve some also. We just need someone to come do some tilling for us. Although the gardening will be tough with my ever expanding belly, & a little one due at just the time when I need to be canning all those tomatoes! If it’s meant to be then the Lord will help me find a way.

Our honeybees died over the winter. I’m hoping that Alex & I can take a beekeeping course next spring & then we can add those back into the mix. I was just too scared of them last year.

So, that’s it. Much smaller plans but maybe much more doable. I’m still very excited about all that we have going on here, & everything that we have to look forward to!

Turkeys Have Arrived


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April 27
We received the phone call at around 6:55 this morning. The turkeys are here! Seventeen beautiful Bourbon Red turkeys were impatiently waiting for us at the post office. They have been in the mail for 2 long days traveling from Missouri to Indiana. The children and I carefully dipped each beak in water and placed them in their new temporary home (the chicks have been moved outside so the turkeys have taken up residence in the unused dog kennel). We raised turkeys last year so this will be our second round. They are not the most intelligent birds, and tend to have trouble figuring out the whole eating and drinking arrangement. I placed food in a trough for them, but also placed a towel in the kennel and sprinkled food on top. We will now just pray for the wisdom to raise these little guys and gals up into big strong toms and hens.

We ordered from Cackle Hatchery. This was our first time ordering from them. I am very pleased with the service that we have received, and would recommend them to anyone looking into ordering turkeys. Next month we have an order of guineas arriving from Cackle so I will be able to let you know how those turn out at the end of May.