Goat Update and 2017 Seed Order


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Exciting news… We sold all 4 of our baby goats this year! This is our first time selling livestock and we’re very pleased that it went so well! They will start going to their new homes this Sat. (3/18/17). I’m happy that we found good homes for them.

Now, moving onto our garden. I purchased our 2017 seeds from Fedco again. We ordered from there last year and were pretty pleased with what we received.

Here is a list of what we ordered for 2017…
Provider Bush Green Bean
Sugar Ann Snap Peas
Golden Gopher Muskmelons
National Pickling Cucumbers
Black Zucchini
Saffron Yellow Summer Squash
Eastern Rise Buttercup Winter Squash
Blue Hubbard Winter Squash
Luffa Gourds
Red Core Chantey Carrots
Detroit Dark Red Short Top Beets
French Breakfast Summer Radishes
Speckled Amish Bibb Lettuce
Solstice Broccoli
Golden Acre Cabbages
Snow Crown Cauliflowers
Peacework Sweet Peppers
Early Jalapeño Hot Peppers
Cherokee Purple Tomatoes
Amish Paste Tomatoes
Genovese Basil
Santo Cilantro
Common Mint

We also have seeds of various kinds left over from previous years that we’ll be using. I’ve kept them in the deep freezer so hopefully they will still be viable.

Now I need to sit down and plan out our garden plots, and get seeds started. So much to be done at this time of the year!

Book: The Urban Farm Handbook


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We just returned from an extended weekend trip. How lovely it was! The children’s grandparents kept them for the weekend while Andy & I went to Nashville, IN and Bloomington, IN. We had a reception to attend Saturday evening, but the rest of the time we had to ourselves. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Janko’s Little Zagreb in Bloomington on Friday evening, walked around the Indiana University campus, and did some relaxing. The weather was a little rough so we didn’t get to spend as much time outside as we had hoped, but that’s okay. Friday night we stayed at the Brown County Inn. I made a mistake in booking that room… I though that it was in Brown County State Park. It was actually in Nashville. The price was too steep for the quality of the room and the walls were paper thin… we could hear everything in the hallway and in the room next door. So on Saturday night we stayed at the Artist’s Colony Inn in Nashville. It was much nicer… clean room, nice staff, very quiet, and our stay included a breakfast buffet in their restaurant. We had a great time, but it was so wonderful to see the kids when we returned and get back to normal today.

Today I just wanted to write a quick review of The Urban Farm Handbook. I heard about this book from the GNOWFGLINS blog, and checked it out from the library. I got sidetracked with Paleo information while having this book so I didn’t get to read it cover to cover. But after browsing through it I’ve decided that it’s one I would like to add to my personal library. It isn’t just for the urban farmer. There are great tips in there for getting started eating healthy and local if you live in the city, but there are also more extensive tips if you want to implement these practices yourself. There was a small section on beekeeping that I would like to explore more thoroughly. Great recipes including those for bacon, ham, sausage. Lots of information on canning, including fermentation. The list goes on. Unfortunately, the book is in high demand so I have to return in to the library, but it’s already been added to my Amazon wish list.

Garden Seeds


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I am so excited about gardening this year! I’m not sure what I’ll be able to get done since we’re expecting a little one in August or September, but right now I am ready to start planting some seeds. Even though I have lots of seeds from years past I still ordered a good amount this year. All of my seeds have been purchased from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. To help me stay more organized I am making a list of all of the seeds that I have on hand, and I’ve alphabetized my stash.

  • Beans: Purple, Dragon Tongue, Blue Lake
  • Beets: Choiggia, Bull’s Blood, Detroit Dark Red
  • Broccoli: Romanesco Italia, Waltham
  • Cabbage: Brunswick
  • Carrots: Parisienne, Little Finger, Amarillo, Danvers
  • Cauliflower: Snowball, Giant of Naples
  • Corn: Country Gentleman (Sweet), Dakota Black (Pop), Pencil Cob (Dent), Rainbow Inca (Sweet)
  • Cucumbers: Long Anglais, Lemon, Parisian Pickling, Mexican Sour Gherkin, Japanese Long, Snow’s Pickling
  • Kale: Ornamental Fringed, Russian Red
  • Lettuce: Arugula, Romaine, Little Gem
  • Melon: Moon & Stars, Tigger, Anne Arundel, Wilson Sweet
  • Okra: Harlow’s Homestead, Burgundy
  • Onions: Leeks, Jaune Paille des Vertus
  • Peas: Lincoln, Blue Podded, Laxton’s Progress, Little Marvel
  • Radish: Pink Beauty
  • Spinach
  • Squash: Rouge Vif D’Etampes (Winter), Buttercup (Winter), Straightneck (Summer), Lady Godiva (Winter), Early Golden (Summer), Striata D’Italia (Summer), Acorn (Winter), Pie Pumpkin (Winter), Pumpkin Mix (Ornamental)
  • Swiss Chard: Flamingo Pick, Five Color
  • Tomato: Amish Paste, Chadwick Cherry, Creme Brulee
  • Turnip

Lots & lots of seeds. Hopefully we’ll have our garden tilled soon and we can start putting some of these seeds in the ground. Our garden will be placed where our chickens have been the past two years. We’re thinking that should be some nice fertile soil!

New Diet


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In an effort to improve health and perhaps lose a few pounds we will be trying out a new diet. I’ve done a lot of reading on the Paleo Diet lately. It has me interested in implementing a few of the rules to try for us. Only because of the great success stories that I’ve read, not because I think that we have evolved from a certain type of diet over millions of years.

We will be following this diet solidly for 3 weeks and keeping track of our progress to see if it is worth implementing these changes long-term.

  • No eating out (Tough 1 for us)
  • No grains of any sort (This includes wheat, corn, rice, quinoa, kamut, etc.)
  • We will continue to eat legumes for now in moderation even though those are not Paleo-friendly
  • We will continue to eat dairy, but only raw & pastured (or organic at the least)
  • No refined sugars (honey & maple syrup are OK in moderation)
  • Exercise (mainly walking) at least 5 days a week
  • My supplements include 3 New Chapter prenatal vitamins, 2 kelp capsules, 1 Tummy Tune-up probiotic capsule, 1 tsp. dolomite powder, 1 Tbs. Sonnie’s cod liver oil

Here are some great Paleo blogs where I’ve been gleaning inspiration and recipe ideas.

Now I just need to figure out the exact date when we’ll  be starting. I’d like it to be as soon as possible but we have a couple of weekend trips coming up, both of which will probably include some eating out.